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["2016"] Show Week Information - 12/12/16 - 12/16/16

Posted by Wyatt on December 5, 2016 at 11:10 PM

"Show week" refers to the school week, Monday (12/12) - Friday (12/16), leading up to our production.

An informational video going over the contents of this artcile can be found here.

During this week, tickets will be for sale in the Novi Middle School main office for $7 each. Tickets will also be for sale on the night of the show, but the lines are much shorter when purchased at the office in advance.


Rehearsals will be structured somewhat differently than they have been thus-far. The cast will be polishing up their acting, cues, and lines. The technical crew will be setup, training on, and executing cues with the A/V/Prop equipment. Most of these rehearsals will be run with full technical support (lights, sound, props, sets, etc), as well as in costume. Some parent volunteer staff will be present to help cast members with their costumes.


Our schedule this week will be slighty different from any previous weeks. Here is a summarized version:



  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort & Tech - After School [2:30PM - 4:15PM]
  • Rehearsal - Harry's Hotter & Tech - Evening [6:30PM - 8:30PM]



  • Rehearsal - Harry's Hotter & Tech - After School [2:30PM - 4:15PM]
  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort & Tech - Evening [6:30PM - 8:30PM]



  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort & Tech - After School [2:30PM - 4:15PM]
  • Rehearsal - Harry's Hotter & Tech - Evening [6:30PM - 8:30PM]



  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort, Harry's Hotter, & Tech - After School [2:30PM - 4:15PM]
  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort, Harry's Hotter, & Tech - Evening [6:30PM - 8:30PM]



  • Rehearsal - Fairy Fort, Harry's Hotter, & Tech - After School [2:30PM - 4:15PM]
  • Show - Fairy Fort, Harry's Hotter, & Tech - Show [6:00PM]


A more detailed version of this calendar can be found here.


Please pay special attention to the rehearsals listed as "Evening" rehearsals. All applicable cast and technical staff are expected to attend these rehearsals. We apologize if this creates an awkward transportation situation, but the only way for us to get students back to the middle school for these evening rehearsals is by asking that parents drive their child(s). Consider working out carpools with other cast/tech members.
Students must return home in between after school and evening rehearsals. They can not stay at the school in between.
Late buses are still available for the after school rehearsals.


Show Day
On Friday, December 16th, we ask that all cast and technical crew wear their show t-shirts to school. It is, among other things, part of our final advertising push.
As listed above, we will have a normal rehearsal after school this day. Here we will work on curtain call/bows and polish up and scenes that need attention.
All students will then go home as normal (late bus, car, walking, biking, etc) at 4:15PM.
We ask that students eat, and drink water. They are also allowed to bring a water bottle for use during the show. We may have a small supply of bottled water available during the show as well.
Take care of any last-minute personal business before returning to the middle school at 6:00 PM. Information regarding costumes is below
Again, apologize but students / families will need to work out transportation on their own.


Show Night - Pre Show
Upon arriving at the middle school, cast members will be directed to the dressing rooms to change into costume, put on makeup, do hair, etc. Some parent volunteers will be present to help with this. Technical staff will perform last-minute equipment checks.
Before the show cast members will wait in one of the music rooms next to the auditorium. As we have two separate shows this year, some students may wait in these rooms while the other show is performing.
Technical staff will be at their assigned positions for the entirety of the show.


Show Night - During Show
We aim to have all cast and crew ready for opening of house at 7:00 PM. Show will then begin around 7:30PM.
There will be a brief intermission between the two shows.

Show Night - Post Show
After curtain call, cast members will be taken back to the music hall. We will attempt to get them out to the cafeteria quickly for pictures in costume.
Please note that photography and videography of any form during the show is strictly prohibited due to copyright restrictions
Technical staff will also be free to greet their families in the cafeteria.


After the show ends we will begin cleaning up all of our equipment as quickly as possible. We ask, especially of the technical staff, if they are able to stay for at least a few minutes and aid in this effort it goes much faster. We also welcome help from actors and parent volunteers.


Cast members must change back into their own cloths before leaving. Unless you have supplied your own costume, all costumes must be returned. Technical staff also please make sure you don't anciently walk off with a piece of equipment.
Before leaving please check in with an NMSTheater staff member to make sure that you are clear to leave. This helps us keep track of all the students.

Misc Notes
Technical staff, please where black attire to as many rehearsals as possible. Tech crew show shirts will be black so they can be worn to the show. Please remember black pants and shoes.
Cast, please be sure to keep up with your school work. Theater rehearsal is not a pass.
Be sure to drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as you can. (No, you still can't sleep in class). No one wants to have to drop out of the show Friday morning because they got sick.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in volunteering please contact us:
[email protected] - Lori Burkhardt - Director (Voulenteering, Cast, Misc)
[email protected] - Wyatt Parsons - Technical Director (Technical Staff)


We hope you enjoy watching and/or performing in the show.
Break a leg! 

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