Novi MS Theater

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Listserve - Non Members

Novi Middle School Theater Company utilizes for our listserve. If you are interested in receiving proactive alerts and information from us, please click the link below and fill out the form displayed.

Remind messages can be received as texts through your phone or emails. You can also respond to our messages, either as texts or emails. Only you and NMSTheater staff will be able to see these messages, they are not shared with anyone else on the contact list. We are also able to respond directly to you through Remind. 

Standard data and messaging rates apply.

We will keep our communications as minimal and as brief as we can.

Listserve - Cast and Crew Members

There is a separate and much more frequently used contact list for current cast and crew members. During the first few days of rehearsal we will provide instructions and assistance in getting you onto this list. You are more than welcome to join our general contact list, but for your duration as a member for our Company, you will get the same information through member list.

Please see Wyatt during rehearsal if you have any questions or issues with this.